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Dragon Valley Membership Scheme

On the 1st of October 2007 the Violent Crime Reduction Act made it illegal to sell, import or manufacture a realistic imitation firearm (RIF) in the UK. It is still perfectly legal to buy and own RIFs - it is the seller who commits the offence. It is still possible for registered airsoft skirmishers aged 18 and over to be sold RIFs (which all the realistic weapons we use would be classed as) but the seller must to be able to demonstrate that they have exercised due diligence in checking that the purchaser is a registered skirmisher.

The UK Airsoft Retailers' Association (UKARA) have developed a scheme whereby appropriately vetted game sites are able to verify that individuals qualify to be placed on an independently-hosted database of registered airsoft skirmishers. Retailers are able to make checks against this database in order to verify the status of a customer before selling to them. Dragon Valley is a UKARA Registered Game Site as of 11th October 2007.

In order to become a member of Dragon Valley Airsoft you must be aged 18 or above and have attended at least three of our events in the past 12 months. All the events you have attended must not fall within the same two month period. For example, Joe played on 25th May, 26th Aug and 7th Oct and therefore qualifies to become a member, whereas Bill played on 12th Aug, 26th Aug and 9th Sep and therefore does not yet qualify as all his events fall within a two month period. If Bill comes along on the 21st Oct he will then qualify.

There are now two ways to register with UKARA:

  • Fill in the online application form on the UKARA website. You can do this before you have even played at a single event. Make sure you select Dragon Valley (DVA) from the picklist of sites and then fill in the rest of the form but leave "Player No" blank. We will then update the form each time you attend an event. At your third qualifying event (see above) you will be able to complete your application for site membership and we can update the UKARA database with your membership number immediately.
  • The UKARA Player Registration Form. Download this from the UKARA website, once you have your DV membership we can stamp and endorse your form which you then return to a UKARA-registered retailer then next time you are placing an order. The online route is much better.

On attending your third qualifying event you will need to provide us with the following in order to obtain membership:

  • An item of photo ID (eg passport or driving licence)
  • An item of ID showing your name and address (eg a utility bill or medical card)
  • £15 to cover admin and the cost of issuing your membership card. Membership cards will bear a photo and your UKARA-compatible Dragon Valley membership number (in the form DVAnnnnn)

Membership of Dragon Valley is renewable every twelve months at a cost of £10 as long as you continue to attend our events regularly. If at any point you fall below three events attended in a twelve month period your membership will lapse. Should your membership lapse or be revoked for this or any other reason we are obliged to advise UKARA to mark you as inactive on their database as you would no longer be a registered airsoft skirmisher.

In addition to the obvious benefits of being able to register on the UKARA database Dragon Valley membership will also offer other benefits such as retailer discounts, a streamlined booking process and early-bird booking for popular events like the Xmas Special.

If you have any questions regarding the Dragon Valley Airsoft membership scheme please contact us.

  • Dragon Valley Ltd will not use any personal information provided to it for the purpose of membership application for any other purpose.
  • No personal data will be passed to any other organisation.
  • Members are responsible for informing us of any changes in their personal details in order to enable us to keep records current. Please contact us quoting your Dragon Valley membership number if you change your name, street address or email address so that we can update the details that we hold and those held on the UKARA database.
  • UKARA Player Registration Forms are returned to UKARA by the player via a qualifying retailer.