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Player Feedback and Site Reviews

Been to Dragon Valley? Had a great time? Want to tell others? Something you didn't like? Email us to share your views.

Neil Harris had this to say about his first visit to DV:
More detailed comments to follow but suffice to say (to use an old cliche)that this was the best fun I\'ve ever had with my clothes on! It was my first outing with airsoft but you got me 8^) Special thanks to the Marshals who were efficient, cheery and fair whilst always maintaining a sense of humour, a great balance between enforcing the rules and making sure that everyone had a good time. The rental AK47 Speznaz was great but now I\'ve bought a P90TR. Be afraid - be very afraid....

Silvafox (www.waspteam.co.uk) wrote:
"Dragon Valley II : Man, this site whups a horses ass. WITH A BELT. -
Some nice woodland areas dotted with all the structures you can eat, a very practical indoor safe zone with tables for all, and as always, the lovable DV crew serving up the order and organization you would expect to find on a military base... "

Kessler (www.waspteam.co.uk) had this to say about Launch Day:
"I loved the old Dragon Valley and was therefore a little unsure about what to expect at the new site. I shouldn't have worried, it's the quality of the marshalling and game preparation that made the old DV so good, and you take that with you wherever you go. DV staff always go that extra mile to make the scenarios more interesting for the players, and that's what makes us keep coming back"

Comega said:
"The opening was the first time I visited a Dragon Valley event and I must say, that I was very impressed at the end of the day. The site is fantastic and the games are really well organised. The DV2 opening was possibly one of the best days out I have had. Keep up the good work guys!"