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Each event costs £30 per day to play (unless otherwise stated). That includes walk-on fee, insurance, as much tea and coffee as you can handle.

If you wish to hire a gun, face mask etc then we can provide everything you need for a further 15. This covers AEG rental (G36C or K, high capacity magazine, battery) and a full-face mesh mask You just need to bring clothes that are appropriate for being outdoors at whatever time of year you are coming, and which you don't mind getting muddy and caught up in brambles, and of course decent footwear - something with ankle support is ideal. Please note that only BBs purchased from Dragon Valley are to be used in our rental AEGs.

We sell food, cans of drink, sweets etc, as well as vital supplies such as ammo, smokes & grenades. Free tea, coffee and drinking water are available in the safe zone all day.

Cakes (a varied selection for each event) are available all day, or at least until they are all sold, for £1.00 a time.

We are not currently able to offer hot food, so bring lunch or survive on cake, chocolate and tea.

Please note that we are not able to take payment by card, and cheques are somewhat passé, so please bring sufficient cash for everything you need through the day.

Airsoft Stocks

0.20g BBs - £13/bag of 5000

0.25g BBs - £13/bag of 4000

Rin-pull BB Grenades (Over 18's only) - 3.50 each

Smoke Grenades (Over 18's only) - 3.00 each

Gas - 10 (Green and 134A available)


Assorted soft drinks (Coke/Diet Coke, Tango/Diet Tango, 7Up etc) - 60p/can

Bottled water (500ml) - 50p

Mars, Snickers, Star Bar, Twix etc - 40p each

Tea/Coffee/Hot water for your Pot Noodle/Soup/whatever - Free

We are not currently able to offer hot food, so bring lunch or survive on cake,  chocolate and tea.