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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a distant relation of paintball. Airsoft games are played in and around buildings and in outdoor areas, with the object of defeating an opposing team.

Instead of messy paintballs, the guns use small plastic pellets, most often weighing a fifth of a gram. The guns look very realistic, replicating their real life counterparts. Hence machine guns fire many pellets a second, shotguns fire many at once, and sniper guns fire slowly but with more accuracy. Being hit stings a little, but causes no lasting pain.

The hobby started off in Japan, and is perfectly legal in the UK. As with all replica weapons, care and respect must be given at all times. For example, they should be out of public sight during transport, and never fired at animals or non-consenting people.

Who can play?

We welcome anyone over 16, or 14 if they have an accompanying guardian or a signed consent form, to our events. If you appear to be below the age limit we will ask you for suitable ID, so please bring some. If you cannot provide ID and we believe that you are below the age limit, you will be escorted from the site. This is not negotiable and we are not willing to void our insurance by operating outside of its terms. If you look younger than you need to be to play, bring appropriate ID.

Is it dangerous?

There is a very small associated risk, as with any outdoor activity. Players need to wear eye protection, and be in good physical condition. We have full insurance, and full training will be given, but of course, common sense prevails at all times. The games are great fun, but never at the expense of safety.

So what is an average game day like?

Players arrive at 9:00am, and spend 30 minutes getting ready. All guns are checked to ensure they are firing within the allowed limits. We give a full safety briefing to all players. Then we are ready to start playing. The first game is designed to let new players see as much of the site as possible. A couple of further games are based on one team attacking and the other defending, then the rest of the days games will be based on that days theme. Games are usually between 20 and 30 minutes in length.

We break for lunch around 1.00pm for 30 minutes, and then play a few more games till around 5.00pm. We then have half an hour to pack up.

Ok.. so the site full of geeky army guys right?

Well, actually no. There is no real typical player at our site. We have a fair number of girl gamers, and a number of studenty types. But really, the average guy is just Joe Normal.